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Speak, listen and act!

All Cambridge Education Association members are invited to participate in an upcoming forum on Reclaiming Public Education. It will be held on Tuesday, September 30th from 3:30 p.m.-5:00 p.m. at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School Media Cafeteria.

This is one of a series of member-led forums being held across the state in response to a New Business Item approved by the MTA Annual Meeting of Delegates in May. The NBI was proposed by Barbara Madeloni, the new MTA president, and she will be facilitating our forum. This is a chance to meet her and to speak with her and your colleagues about important issues affecting our jobs and our students.

There are three goals:

(1)    Speak.     Give members a chance to express their views on important issues. The main focus will be on the use of standardized tests in education and the new educator evaluation system.

(2)    Listen.    Allow members to share experiences and learn from each other.

(3)    Act.     Members will develop strategies for addressing problems identified at the forums.

If you plan to attend, please send an RSVP at office@cambeducation.org or call 617-492-4709.